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About Us

Serves with Integrity, Work to Excellence.

Our Background

Onric CPA Limited is a corporate practice registered with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants under the Professional Accountants Ordinance Cap. 50, provider of statutory auditing services to companies within the meaning of the Companies Ordinance Cap. 622.

Our working associate, K. H. Ng & Partners Limited is a company registered under the Companies Ordinance Cap. 622 providing one-stop services including company formation, change of shareholders/directors' particular, providing registered office, company secretarial services, book-keeping, accounting, preparation of financial reports, tax consulting and business advisory services to various clients.

We have a worldwide clientele and geographically they mainly operated in Hong Kong and around greater China.

Our clientele is diversified in various industries and services including manufacturing, trading, wholesale and retail, food and catering, transport and logistics, construction, property investment, property and insurance agencies, beauty and personal care, software development, precision parts, public relations, design, oil fuel, transport maintenance, senior homes, education and many others.

We are also experienced in providing supporting services to clients who are involved in cross-boarder businesses in Great China.

Our professional team personnels are dedicated to provide quality professional services to our valued clients.

Our Vision


We uphold the highest ethical standard and maintain a high degree of professional integrity.

We are committed to provide timely and quality professional services to our clients.

Service Philosophy

We aim to provide our services on a “client-oriented” basis.

As a responsible and reliable service provider, we strive to provide quality services to meet clients’ needs and safeguard their interests.

With our comprehensive expertise knowledge and practical experience in the profession, we are committed to ensure clients do get “value-for money” services.

To cope with the everchanging and volatile business environment, we provide continuous professional training and updates to our valuable staff so as to enrich their professional skill and knowledge and ultimately to deliver quality services to clients.